Mark FergusonHi! My name is Mark Ferguson and I am a car enthusiast. I am also an entrepreneur and Lamborghini owner.


I created this site to give people insight on how people afford exotic cars, how they bought them and how the average person can afford one as well. I am not giving away any secrets on how to buy exotics for pennies on the dollar, but instead how to be successful enough to afford these cars.


What is my story?

I graduated from the University of Colorado in 2001 with a degree in business finance. I could not find an appealing job, so I went to work with my father in real estate. He was a great real estate agent and flipped the occasional house. For five years I struggled in the business trying to do what he did. We were different people and it was not a good fit.


Then I started to set some goals and find my own niche in the business; REO. I became a HUD and REO listing agent, which allowed me to make a great living and hire an assistant. I then went to work on improving our flipping business which went from doing a couple of houses a year to 7 to 10 flips a year. In 2010 I started buying rental properties and in 2013 I started a blog



At the end of 2013 I bought out my dad and took over the entire business. He was ready to retire and tired of managing everything. Since 2013 the business has grown even more. We have real estate agents on the team, we flip 10 to 15 houses a year, I own 13 rental properties and my blog has over 200,000 views a month and makes decent money as well.


With the great money coming in as earned income from the flips and real estate team as well as passive income from the rentals and website, I decided I should reward myself. I have always been a car nut and I bought a 1999 Lamborghini Diablo in the spring of 2014. I also have a 2010 Audi S4, a 1991 Mustang 5.0 convertible with a supercharge and a 1986 Porsche 928.


The story on my Lamborghini and how I bought it can be found here.


In 2008 I got married to my wife Jeni and we have boy/girl twins who are almost four. I do not work 80 hours a week. I love my family and would not sacrifice them for money. I have set up my business to run without me doing everything by hiring great people. In my spare time I love to golf, work out and spend time with my family.


I have many goals for the future including starting an exotic car dealership. Many at some point this blog can chronicle what it takes to start a dealership as well as what it takes to own exotic cars.


This site is brand new as of April 2015 so stick around to see some great interviews with exotic car owners and much more!