Why do People Need to Buy Exotic Cars?

1979 Lamborghini Countach

21 Jul Why do People Need to Buy Exotic Cars?

Many people wonder why in the world someone would want to spend $100,000 or more on a car. Or possible much more for some newer or rare exotic cars. I understand why people think that because owning an exotic car is not for everyone. In fact, it is not for most people. The great thing about life is we all have different likes, hobbies and obsessions. If we were all the same, life would be much less interesting! Some people like houses, some people like clothes, some people like spoiling their children, some people like being frugal and some people like exotic cars.

What is the appeal of exotic cars? You can’t drive them as fast as they were meant to be driven!

It is true that most people who own exotic cars will never drive them as hard or as fast as they were designed to go. But that’s okay. Exotic cars are not just about how fast you can drive them. Exotic cars are about style, uniqueness, power and beauty. You may not be able to drive a Lamborghini up to 200 MPH in the US, but you can accelerate up to 75 on the highway faster than 99.9 percent of the cars out there. If you have never felt the acceleration in a very powerful car, it is an addicting feeling. If you have ever been on a roller coaster, imagine that acceleration, but faster.

Besides the power and speed, there is the rareness of the cars. One thing I dislike about Lamborghini, even though I own a 1999 Diablo, is that they are making many more cars now than they ever have. They made about 2,500 Diablo’s over 10 years (1990 -2001) and before that about 1,700 Countach’s over 16 years. Now they make over 2,500 Lamborghini’s each year. When a company only sells 200 to 300 cars a year you know you probably won’t see another model like yours, unless you live in a very special place with a lot of money. Where I live I rarely see any other exotic cars, let alone another Diablo.

Besides the speed, the beauty and the rarity of exotic cars, some people just love cars. When I grew up I always wanted a Lamborghini. I thought Porsche’s were cool (I own a 928) and I thought Ferrari’s were cool, but they were not as awesome as Lamborghini’s. There was something about a Lamborghini (when I was growing up in the 80’s and 90’s). There was nothing else that looked like them on the road and very few cars with the uncompromising power. Lamborghini made their cars fast, exotic and did not care so much about comfort or day-to-day drivability. Some people hate this about the cars, while others love it. It is not easy to drive early Lamborghini’s and that makes them even more exclusive. It takes skill, knowledge and hard work to drive a Countach. The Diablo’s are a little easier to drive, but still take a lot of skill. There is also the sound of an Italian V-12 that cannot be duplicated.

My quest to own an exotic car dealership.

Why would someone want to pay over $100,000 for a car?

I used to think it was crazy to spend $100,000 on a car. In fact I never thought I could buy a Lamborghini when I was younger. I wanted one, but I didn’t really think it was possible. Then I started changing my perspective on life and what I could and could not do. I decided I would not let society tell me what I should or should not want and I realized I wanted a Lamborghini. Not only was buying a Lamborghini something I always wanted, it provided a ton of motivation. Making a goal to buy a Lamborghini propelled my business farther than I ever thought possible.

Some people do not care about cars and that is okay. I don’t care about fancy clothes, or many other expensive items. I have been a car nut for as long as I can remember and for me it is not about having an expensive car. It is about having a Lamborghini and an awesome and rare car. I know for some people it is about buying a status symbol and they know nothing about the car or the history. That doesn’t mean it is a status symbol for everyone.

While spending over $100,000 on a car seems ridiculous to many. It has actually been a great investment. Not only monetarily, but for my business as well. I spent $126,000 on my Lamborghini and it was worth every penny. You can easily send that much money on a new Mercedes sedan or a number of other cars that 90 percent of people will never notice. Those cars will also lose 30 percent of their value in one year where a used exotic can actually increase in value if you buy the right cars. My Diablo one year later is worth somewhere between $160,000 and $180,000.

You do have to be careful if you want to invest in exotic cars, because they are expensive to maintain! The clutch on my Diablo is about $8,000 to replace. I did not buy my Diablo as an investment, but it has turned out to be a great one so far.

Here is a great site that I use to help me find good deals on exotics, as well as financing and other help: Exotic Car Hacks.

How can buying exotic cars make you more successful?

Spending $100,000 on a car is not always a bad investment as we have seen. But there are other advantages besides the possible appreciation of cars. Exotic cars can be great for building your business through networking and marketing. I wrote an article here about how my Diablo has helped my real estate business. I have met some awesome people with huge car collections and a lot of money at car shows. If I did not have the Lamborghini there is no way I would have met those people and become friends with them. Having the Lamborghini also gives me a lot of credibility if I am trying to sell something like my real estate courses. I can prove I have been successful, because I can afford the Lamborghini. I also can use the car to advertise my real estate business and bring more people to me.


Although some people may buy exotic cars to show off, many people buy them because they love cars. Many exotics are parked in a garage and rarely seen, because they owners want to personally enjoy them or they bought them as an investment. Some owners use the cars for business purposes and others loves the cars dearly and are fulfilling a childhood dream. If you had a childhood dream of owning an exotic, I would not dismiss it as dumb or impossible. My dream helped improve my business and make me more money.

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